Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Infant Car Seat Products Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Infant Car Seat Products - Essay Example The company uses great fabric such as cotton and lycra that washes and wears. Tchou Tchou offers functional infant car seats at affordable prices. The company offers infant car seats at great colours and styles for kids. For more than seventy years, Tchou Tchou has been committed to providing the highest levels of quality, service and safety in day-to-day business. Tchou Tchou has a history of excellent employee retention and employee loyalty. About ninety percent of the company's factory workers speak English as a second language. This free replacement campaign is meant to help meet customers' high expectations of Tchou Tchou's products. Kathy Dolan, Tchou Tchou CEO states that "the responsible handling of product defects is an integral part of our customer service." Tchou Tchou is actively seeking out wholesalers, supermarkets, specialist traders and retailers who received infant car seats with between 1st January 2008 and 31st April 2008. For this purpose, we have established a special service hotline and service email address. All issues concerning recall procedure can be clarified at +43 4524 500 1777, 7.00 am - 5.00 pm, CET and service.infantseat@tchou.com. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, Tchou Tchou is America's leading brand in infant car seat. The company has extension offices in Canada, Mexico and Australia. In 2008, Tchou Tchou employed 6,000 American workers and paid US $ 20 million dollars in taxes. The company is an equal opportunity employer. Contact person for press enquiries: Terry Calloway Tchou Tchou PR Group 6112 Pittsburgh, PA Tel.: +43 (0) 4524 500 1777 terry.calloway@tchou.com Rationale of the Press ReleaseThere are several issues I had to consider while composing the press release. The first one is the integrity and goodwill of Tchou Tchou. I had to safeguard the integrity of the company by stressing that it is a good corporate citizen: it has provided many jobs and paid taxes. The second issue is I had to highlight that the company is known for employee retention and loyalty. This shows that it is a caring company. The third issue is the emphasis on consumer safety and protection over and above the company's profitability. The company presents a voluntary recall and product replacement program. The company assigns persons to attend to complaints and inquiries. The press release states that the company is more than seventy years in existence. The fourth issue is the importance of presenting a positive outlook on this company defect. I had to include the basic facts in the press release such as the pieces of glass that are included in the product that resu lted in this voluntary product recall. I excluded the data on an irate customer who called up to bring our attention on the defect. This was unimportant and it does not help in coming out a press release with a positive tone. I also excluded the data on pinpointing the exact store which sold the product which had pieces of glass on it. This was unimportant and it will just generate negative press for the retailers whom the company also needs to protect. The fifth issue was to present a helpful

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