Friday, January 10, 2014

Influence Of Cartoons

David Brooker April 7, 2012 SSC 162 Influence of Cartoons Can you imagine a world where our childrens favorite TV shows pictured racial stereotypes on a daily basis? Cartoons have al manners been a way to influence the y verbotenhs minds and some terms so far fill up them with governmental propaganda. During WWII this was not uncommon. Some studios began devising their characters into American state of war heroes, and making the Nazis into animated villains. These heroes wish well Bugs Bunny or Daffy prorogue would tell the kids that basically democracy was good, and communism was bad. Aside from scarce childrens cartoons, adults not moreover saw these, however besides read the many political cartoons which influenced much of how the war and the ordinary saw our enemies. Racial tension during WWII was high in the states, thither was much stereotyping going on towards the Germans, Italians, Nipponese and eventide African America ns. Much of these stereotypes where depicted in childrens cartoons by important characters we cope today. They were portrayed as the Communists were the villains facing off against our popular heroes. thither was a immense discrimination against the Japanese at this time not exclusively because of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, but because the fact they were Communist.
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In one(a) cartoon we see an American hero played by Bugs Bunny. He lands on an island and it is pacifistic and almost serene, then out of nowhere it rents bombed and out comes a Japanese spend. This is where things get weird. The soldier starts y elling gibberish and chasing Bugs around. Th! ere was still the funny antics of the cartoons we know today just with a mix of racial targeting. The Japanese in this were shown to be stupid, crazy, and at one point Bugs even says things like, Slant eyed, or, Monkey Face. They were as well as depicted in other cartoons as spies and thats wherefore during this time in America we had Japanese Americans Contained. The American Heroes in these cartoons where a huge depiction of good and...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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