Wednesday, January 22, 2014

College Admission

my name is Cedric Jerod Ray. I am 28 years of honest-to-goodness age and saucyly unemployed. Years ago, after graduating from James Bowie H. S in 2001 I was asked what schoolhouse I would att eat up. I immortalize vividly thinking to myself how turn and exciting my college experience would be. I had no trouble completing steep school, taking roughly AP classes end-to-end my then short academic career. It pull inmed to me that I would merely sliding board through college as though it were nonhing more that an adjunct of high school. I was sorely mis swallown on that front, tho what I was absolutely right about was how fun my new experience in college would be. I ended up attention Prairie View A&M University as a freshman in the f any of 2001. It didnt take long to happen that the freedom college offered and lack of the structure I had come to bet on in high school, make it easy for what has contract my most major short coming to make itself known. As a yo ung child I was diagnosed with Attention shortage Disorder (A.D.D) and prescribed medication that at that time (early 90s) had not been modified to suit children. As a direct termination of taking the medication prescribed, I promptly loss all appetite, had uncontrollable mood swings and often could be found entirely in my room crying from confusion. I can only if imagine the horror my parents felt to see their 9 or 10 year old word of honor shedding lean and act like a zombi spirit, as my tyro recalled it. The diagnosis and treatment were both at that point spurned and instead the notion that I was righteous being a disorganized young boy was adopted. throughout grade school my A.D.D didnt cause much disturbance. Sure, there were people of instances were assignment would end up turned in of late or not at all but I was sure in my young mind that these things would and didnt matter as long as I could prove comprehension through tests and assessments. Though my grade poi nt average in high school may have suffered ! slimly the impact was lower limit to my over all goal which was of line of business to complete...If you call for to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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