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both(prenominal)time between 1:25 and 1:35 - During tiffin I noniced Tracy Wood, a enlighten-age child that i didnt heighten sur count acquit intercourse the name of at that time, unadulterated at me and I gla nced at him and the moment we do eye contact. He asked me if I had a stargon riddle and I responded by reconcile him that he was the one arrant(a) at me. He immediatly started cussing and har hindquartersing me, he state you wanna settle this unspoiled here and I bring out tongue to what?. He resoponded by verbalism lets fight sound here, Ill electric charge your ass and I asked why?. He state cuz I dont wish well preps and I said I dont stock-still hunch you, why would I wanna fight you. because he said lets go to the gradient of the cafeteria so the teachers wont show and a virtuoso of mine, Byron Hilderbran, said there are windows there, stupid. He indeed responded by verbalise I dont care, I hence said are you so pathetic that you result precisely fight anyone no matter where you are? in time individual you dont know. He hence called me some call and I said pair off man and and so he called me a fag raise and he walked keister to his group of fri halts and they hung rough outside by where my fri intercepts and I sit every sidereal day at luncheon staring at me the integral time. After about ecstasy minuets they walked off. They were further away nevertheless he was still staring at me. 2:00 the campana rung at the end of lunch - Tracy Wood walked up to me smiling and punched me in the present several times then tried to tackle me, we couplet got back up and he continued to extend to me, I then responded by saying you son of a guy and started to defend myself by hit him back, I dont know how gibibyte that went on, then I grabbed him by his neck and pushed him away. I then looked around and saw the rotund group of students watching us and I turned back to Tracy and got punched in the face again, after that I was semi-concious and do not remember walking to the nurses mean with the administrator that was present. Once in the nurses site I cleaned the earpiece circuit from my face then, Mrs. Sutherland, garter Principal, asked me if I knew the name of the some other student that hit me, lost(p) I asked Did somebody else hit me? is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
and she said yes. I was then taken to Mr. Estradas, Assistant Principal, office where a police officer gave me a citation. After that Mr. Estrada asked me a some questions and gave me a referal and hang up me for the remainder of the week. Once they released me I went to the place lot and left, I then saw a friend, Ross Wilson, and I asked him who the second somebody that hit me was, he told me it was Carl Pumarejo. The abutting day after school - Some friends, Byron Hilderbran, Nathan Lewis, and Luke Haag, came to my house to see me and they told me that some students were saying that I was making fun of Carls jr. side drop out who is handicaped. I responded by saying I didnt even know that guy had a comrade. and they also told me Carls older brother Felix Pumarejo was claiming he and Carl were going to kick my ass. If you want to get a full essay, align it on our website:

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